TY140 Faith and Meaning

Worksheet 1 Christ the Center (23 points)

Use Lewis quotations to answer each question. There are three requirements to receive credit for each question:

(a) complete sentences;

(b) quotation marks used for direct quotations (all answers use quotations);

(c) page numbers where ideas and quotations are found in Lewis.

Read “Making and Begetting,” Lewis 127-131.

1. How is theology a map? What is this map based on? What is the value of this map, and what are its limitations?

2. Lewis likens Theology to Physics. What does he mean here?

3. What is Christianity about, according to Lewis?

Read “The Obstinate Toy Soldiers,” Lewis 145-7.

4. Why did the “Son of God” become “man”?

5. Why did Christ “chose an earthly career” characterized by poverty, misunderstanding by loved ones, betrayal, torture and execution?

6. How is Christ a “tin soldier” who had come “fully and splendidly alive”?

7. When Christ became a human being, for whom does he “make a difference”?

8. How does a person take advantage of what Christ has done?

9. In the final paragraph on 147, what is Lewis’s point?

Read “What Christians Believe,” Lewis 39-61.

10. Do Christians have to believe all other religions are wrong? Why or why not?

11. What is Lewis’s main point, a human not a fish feels wet in water? How does he use this in that paragraph’s argument?

12. How does Lewis’s point that reality is both complicated and odd impact his understanding of Christianity?

13. What is evil for Lewis? Explain.

14. Why is free will so important, according to Lewis? Why is free will dangerous?

15. What is the “key to history,” according to Lewis?

16. What four things did God do for fallen humanity (49-50)?

17. According to Lewis, what is wrong with the claim that Jesus was simply a good teacher? Does the Jesus-story permit this option? What are the legitimate choices (50-51)?

18. What is the central Christian belief (52)?

19. What does Lewis mean, “fallen man is not simply an imperfect creature who needs improvement”?

20. According to Lewis, does God love the human person because she is good? What is the correct of way of thinking about the goodness of Christians?

Read “The Grand Miracle,” Lewis 398-409 (end with paragraph that begins on 408 and ends on 409).

21. Explain (using quotations from Lewis) the “new key principle,” the “power of the higher/greater.” Which of Lewis’s examples makes the most sense to you?

22. Explain (using quotations from Lewis) the analogy of the Diver: how is Christ like a diver?

23. What is the “Corn-King”? In what sense are Yahweh and Jesus “Corn-Kings”?